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A team of young, dynamic and creative individuals ignited by the shared desire to bring our dreams to life through innovation, self-expression and creativity (just to name a few). Get to know us!

“Be your own Stylist.”



“ Creating and transforming the white canvas is our art. From the first phase of projecting the pattern designs and development to the creative design of the graphics, we are pleased to work with innovative and original techniques in order to render all projects fresh and “out of the ordinary” in the best way possible. Using exclusive customising skills and know-how we are able to reflect our creative visions in a unique, irreproducible and expressive way”. 


“ Our role in Plus gives us the opportunity to express what we see and live here in the brand: Originality, creative expression, innovation, a sense of freedom, exclusivity and a likeminded community. Our team works to collaborate in synchronisation with both the creative design and sales departments in order to create a communication that resonates in the hearts of our community across all visual and digital platforms.”


“ Everyday we speak with our partners and get to know them better to create a reciprocated trust that helps us to guide them towards their ideal, targeted and exclusive collaboration with Plus. We pride ourselves on prioritising our partners and creating commercial solutions that are both innovative and exclusive, allowing for minimal risk and a complete, well-rounded customer experience.”


“ We combine both traditional and innovative Italian craftsmanship to bring our handmade Plusers to life. Using materials of the utmost quality and internally produced solutions we are able to personalise already assembled products and create something that is unique, expressive and innovative whilst leaving the distinctive craftsman signature on every product”