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Plus is born with a desire to unite global creativity in every corner the world. Living in a key, transitional period where a strong identity and sense of belonging are essential values that Plus wants to transmit to everyone, Plus has created the Plus Community.

By creating the Plus Community, we create a space that everyone can be a part of. Belonging to this community means giving a space to those who want to stand out, to those who have a strong passion for creativity and to those with a desire to express themselves in an unconventional way, wearing their heart on their sleeve (or feet!), all whilst belonging to a unified community with shared ideals and values.

Collaborations with artists and creatives such as street and “traditional” artists and musical personalities are the key to strengthening a connection with the creative world. Whilst unifying the Plus name to creative collaborations that simultaneously test and break creative and technological boundaries, Plus is continually working to release new, complex and intriguing ways of expressing themselves in the best way that they know how- creating!

Having your own personalised, Plus sneaker means having a Pluser and a place in this exciting, ever growing community.